Counselor Approvals
Counselors help the student navigate their exchange

NOTE:  for District 5190 RYE Forms and Complete Inbound and Outbound Program information, go to:

How to Become a RYE Counselor

While a RYE Counselor must be a Rotarian, the counselor does not have to be a member of the same club that is sponsoring their student, although that is usually the case. The responsibility of the counselor is to assist in getting the student’s paperwork approved through WCSD, assisting in the school registration and enrollment, and to be the main person for whom the student can rely upon for direction and guidance.

Once the student has been assigned to a Rotary club for sponsorship by that club, the counselor makes contact with the student before they arrive in the US, introducing them to the area, their host family and their school. The relationship with the student begins long before the student arrives in country.

Should a Rotarian desire to become a RYE Counselor, there are several steps in the process:

  • The first step for the potential counselor is to go to the, go to Downloads & Forms on the menu, and select the link on the left side, Club Counselor & YEO Application, which will result in a form to complete that will go to Jon Greene for initial review
  • The counselor applicant will be contacted for information required to complete the background check
  • Upon completion of the background check, the application will be sent a link to take an online Department of State training course
  • After the DOS course, the applicant will next complete an Online Youth Protection Training course
  • The applicant will finally attend an orientation training course for RYE Counselors and RYE Youth Exchange Officers (which can be a dual role)
  • The TMRYE Committee meets monthly the third Thursday of each month at 5:30 pm and the counselors and YEOs are expected to attend (announcements are sent in advance)

As a volunteer RYE Counselor/YEO, there is a sense of responsibility that is beautifully matched by the rewarding experience of helping a foreign exchange student complete a successful exchange. We welcome any inquiries.