Medical Needs
Taking care of the student's medical needs

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Meeting Medical Needs

Students arrive with medical insurance to handle emergency situations. However, for routine illness such as the flu or sinus infections, their medical insurance will not be recognized in most doctor’s offices. Therefore, it is recommended that should a student need medical attention, take them to a St Mary’s Urgent Care center. The cost is usually between $60 and $70 and the medicines is also not very expensive. Walmart has Urgent Care facilities in their stores and are available in many locations in the area. St Mary’s is the preferred medical care provider for our RYE inbound students.  Of course, if the medical issue is more serious, take them to St Mary’s Emergency for treatment.

Taking the student to your family doctor may be an answer, but please check the prices first. Medical expenses are not reimbursable. If the student’s stipend does not cover their expenses, the family can pay for the medical visit and the TMRYE Committee will reimburse the cost by taking the money out of the student’s stipend. If the host family does not feel comfortable paying for the medical expense, the student’s emergency fund may be used. If the host family has any questions, contact the student’s counselor.

Note to the Host Family: NEVER sign for financial responsibility for the student’s medical visit. The host family is a co-guardian and authorized to handle medical decisions; however, if the family signs for financial responsibility, they may find themselves responsible for large medical bills and Rotary cannot reimburse them for these expenses.

Whenever the family takes the student for medical treatment or immunizations, they need to have their letter of guardianship and the student’s RYE identification card. If these documents are not readily available, contact the student’s counselor.

Remind the student to keep all of their receipts so they can submit to their insurance company for possible reimbursement.

Dental expenses are not usually covered by the student’s insurance and they will probably have to contact their natural parents for the money to pay for these expenses.

Rotary is very concerned that the student remains healthy and will find a solution to any medical problem. If there are any questions, talk with your counselor and/or the country contact.