Outbound RYE Students
Outbound RYE Student Scholarship opportunities

NOTE:  for District 5190 RYE Forms and Complete Inbound and Outbound Program information, go to:  www.RYE5190.org

Each year in late August / early September, the Outbound RYE student application process begins. Applications can be found at www.RYE5190.org. If the family or student does not have a Rotary Club affiliation, please email TMRYE and we will help you make that association.

The steps for becoming selected as an Outbound RYE Scholarship candidate are:

  • Completing the pre-application form and submitting it to the District RYE Committee [instructions will be provided]
  • Upon receiving the pre-application, the student and their parent(s) will be invited to RYE program that gives all of the details necessary for a family to make the final decision to continue with the application process
  • If the student and their family decide to continue, the student will complete a full application and a Rotary Club will be assigned if one has not yet been identified
  • An interview with the student and at least of one their parents will be scheduled where the District Committee will meet with the students and their families to determine which students will be offered the RYE Outbound Scholarship
    • the interview is the most important part of the application process; dressing well will help make a positive impression during the interview
    • the student should come prepared to identify their three top country choices
    • grades are not an absolute decision factor, but poor grades will not be advantageous
    • be complete on the application
  • Once the students have been selected, homework assignments will be given and direction for preparation for the student’s year abroad begins
  • Three mandatory orientations will take place before departure; exceptions are rare and missing a mandatory went can terminate the student’s candidacy
  • Prior to departure, the student should make every effort to visit their sponsoring club in order to meet and get to know the club members
  • While away on the counselor and members of the club can enhance the student’s experience by maintaining regular correspondence [remember that communication goes both ways]
  • Prior to departure, the club should provide 10 – 15 club banners to the student for exchanging with clubs in their hosting country
  • Upon the student’s return, the Program Director should find a suitable time for the Outbound – now called a Rebound – student to give a presentation to the club and give the club the banners from the clubs they visited in their country